Historical Maps of South River, New Jersey

The sites featured below provide access to historical maps of South River and the surrounding area from a variety of online repositories. Some of the most frequently consulted are the Sanborn Fire Insurance maps which show individual buildings along with related information. Included for further research are links to online collections of historical maps and related resources.

A map of Rariton River, Milstone River, South River...

A 1685 map of a portion of what was then East Jersey including the area that later became South River. 

Map of the Country Thirty Miles Round the City
of New York

An 1811 map of the area. Zoom in to see Willetstown (now South River) in the lower left quadrant.

Map of Middlesex County, New Jersey Entirely from Original Surveys

South River, then known as Washington, was part of North Brunswick in 1850 when this map was created. Select PDF or JPEG to view the map.

1851 R. Van Dyke Reid Map of South River

Part of the R. Van Dyke Reid Collection at the South River Museum, the map identifies individual properties by owner.

Map of the County of Middlesex, New Jersey: from actual surveys

An 1861 map of the county. South River, still known as Washington at this point, was part of East Brunswick.

Topographical Map of Middlesex County, New Jersey

From the 1872 Atlas of New Jersey. South River (Washington) was still part of East Brunswick at this time.

Map of East Brunswick Township

An 1876 map of East Brunswick including a detailed inset of Washington (South River). Select PDF to view the map.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps from South River, Middlesex County, New Jersey

Includes maps for portions of South River for the years 1897, 1904, 1910, 1917, and 1923. For 1892, consult the New Brunswick map.

Sanborn Maps of New Jersey

Includes fire insurance maps for portions of South River in 1897, 1904, 1910, 1917, and 1923. 1930 maps are listed but not available for viewing. For 1892, see the New Brunswick map.

Map of Middlesex County, New Jersey, 1947

A 1947 map with each township and borough defined by a color. Select PDF or JPEG to view the map.


Mapping options include historical maps as well as aerial photos dating as far back as the 1930s.

Historical Maps of
New Jersey

A collection of New Jersey maps digitized by Rutgers University Cartography Services.

New Jersey Digital Highway (NJDH)

A searchable collection of photographs, maps, and other materials digitized from cultural organizations across the state.

New Jersey Historical Maps Portal

The maps portal for RUcore, the Rutgers Community Repository featuring maps from Rutgers University Libraries' Special Collections and Archives.

Nova Caesarea: a Cartographic Record of the Garden State, 1666-1888

Includes a sampling of road maps, coastal charts, wall maps, and related materials.

Old Maps Online

A searchable and browsable portal to online maps held in repositories around the world.